Diatone Roma F5 HD

my Main Rig

Custom Build flying this 5″ Propellers

  • Frame: Diatone Roma F5 (V1)
  • Motors: Xing 2207 1800kv (Red)
  • Flight Controller: iFlight SusseX F7 Stack with 45A ESC
  • Firmware: Betaflight 4.2.9
  • VTX: DJI
  • Camera: DJI Air Unit
  • Antenna: Mamba Ultras mmcx 75mm
  • GPS: Matek M8Q
  • Battery: 4S

I also have a BNF if the same Quad (purchased as “Plan-B”) but it doesn’t fly that well it runs

  • Frame: Diatone Roma F5 (V2)
  • Camera: DJI Air Unit
  • Antenna: MAMBA Ultras
  • VTX: DJI
  • Flight Controller: MAMBA DJI F722MK2
  • Firmware: EmuFlight
  • ESC: MAMBA F50_BL32
  • Motor: MAMBA TOKA 2306.5 2450KV
  • GPS: M22
  • Battery: 4S
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