Public Park, Keha Romklao

Public Park & Football Field
Addr: Kheha Rom Klao, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520
Location: 13.760194, 100.726755
Access: Public access to the Park, & Football field, it’s split into 3 pieces.
Comes with a small bando as a Bonus, but the fire station does part the Trucks in there sometimes.
Parking on the streets surrounding the park is no problem, just walk in.
Permission: It’s a Government-owned public Park, so park regulations do apply,
you can only fly there when there are no other people, also the drone may attract local kid’s so bring the spectator Googles or a friend to keep them in check 🙂
CAAT: a few meters inside Suvarnabhumi Airport zone,
Far from any Aircraft activity, stay below the tree line!
Someone fly already:


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