empty field, Latkrabang

Empty field, Pattana Chonnabot
Addr: Phatthana Chonnabot 4, Lat Krabang, 10520
Location: 13.744650, 100.731026
Access: Directly on Phatthana Chonnabot 4
sometimes there are Telephone wires hanging down, preventing entry. the field appears to be waiting for some construction to start, so this may be only available for a short period of time.
there is a Radio tower at the end of the field, that may cause some issues when doing range tests or whatever. i actually used this to force failsafe in order to test setups, pretty handy.
CAAT: slightly inside Suvarnabhumi Airport Zone
far away from anything that fly, stay BELOW the Tree-line!
Someone fly already:

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