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I will work on some historical stuff when I have the time, (basically a mid-life-crisis-coping mechanism)
and a new way to get my mind off the things that generally make my life busy.

who is Mario Hennenberger

Well basically I am a nobody, I have not made an impact on peoples or the world as a whole yet.
if you looking for a famous person, this is not the place.

Systems Developer, infrastructure design and management., since 2011 Trader & Risk Manager for my own Firm.

Living in Latkrabang, Bangkok, Thailand (เขตลาดกระบัง, กรุงเทพมหานคร)

Founder of EnFoid, SwingFish, NC-Systems, 0x8, Lomoos, Clever Automation + a few others I don’t care/want to mention (more to that later)

Married, Father of 4

some History:

Born in Heidelberg, Germany 9th of November 1973

started life in Torgartenstraße, Lobenfeld, Germany (later renamed to “Lobbach”)
a small monastery Village in the region called “Odenwald” between the small towns Mosbach, Sinsheim & Heidelberg.

I only have a few memories from this place such as.

  • being stung by a hornet (could not see for days)
  • a vague (non-serious) accident with some relatives.
  • exploring the monastery areas nearby which are build in the early 12th century (first announced in 1181)
    there is some disconnect on memory here (i may have done this at a later time due to the age, and my memories include a bicycle, which is very unlikely at that age, so I may have re-visited the place at a later time)

grown up in Vogelsang, Reichartshausen
small Village just 7km away from Lobenfeld, had about 1100 souls living there at the time, it did stand out with the quite large Public bath which was somewhat an attraction in the region.

key experiences from living/being there (in no order)

  • in the center of the Odenwald, this place was quite beautiful.
    I did not appreciate it at the time, but I would definitely revisit it.
  • the people (locals) living there always made it somewhat clear that we were not from there.
    the word used was “Zugezogen” which basically means you are a foreigner because you came from a village nearby.
    basically an immigrant 😉 (in the aftermath this is actually a pretty bad thing, but it also shaped my own understanding about some things and led to myself not to care in the slightest about where someone is from or what do the person believe in, so thank you, racist locals, of Reichartshausen)
  • my earliest memory of this place was when we moved there, the Moving Truck got stuck on snow & ice on the steep uphill.
    which may be difficult to imagine by some of the younger folks, yes Global warming is a thing!
  • I went to school there (till grade 5 (I think))
    the school is in the old community building, a years-old structure, which perfectly suited a small school, plus it was just 300 meters from the house.
    I remember walking there every morning.
  • the breakup of the Family (parent’s divorce)
    followed by a quite confusing time. likely/hopefully caused by my father’s new companion.
    a quick example: after not having spoken with my father in over 25 years, I did hear from my sister that he had a serious incident, so I sent an email wishing him farewell, resulting in a response later with the core information that they low on cash.
    Which basically confirmed the suspicions I had over the bigger part of my life regarding the motives of all this drama from the past. Thanks, Heidi!
  • I also met my lifelong Friend Steffen Wurzer and my mentor at the time, Bernhard Juhl.
  • Learned to drive Motor vehicles at a very early age due to Side Hustle at the local Turkey farm “Weilerhof”.
  • Family Bussiness operations at Bäckerei Karl-Heinz Schilling
  • Another Vehicle-based Hustle with Recycling Phillip (massive Paper Recycling operation, lots of Mechanics, Rules, and reality of Business)
  • another place worth mentioning is the Pub “Waldeck” (later renamed to “Bistro Beo”)
    which was essentially a typical dark country Pub (like in the movies, lots of smoke, dark corners, shady peoples),
    at the edge of the forest (Waldeck literally means “corner of the forest” in German) but it did turn out that the Owners & Visitors were surprisingly nice and decent peoples.

Highschool at GHS-Epfenbach (now called Merian-Schule)

Studied Automotive Engineering at Autohaus Kobia & Friedrich-Hecker-Schule in Sinsheim.

during that time I also engaged in some Funfare and Recycling activities with Bernhard Juhl, but this part of my life does certainly deserve its own page.

Diploma in Electrical Engineering at Berufsbildungswerk Neckargemünd (later renamed to SRH Group, commonly known as “Reha Zentrum”)
the time there was certainly the most influential and eventful time of my life until today. where I also met my good friends Günter L., Mario Möller, Angela A, and many more… [more about his]

First and only Employment at GRAWItech Computer & Electronics
a family Company in the outskirts of Mannheim, with high ambitions for service-minded people providing SME Solutions for local businesses.
this turned into Freelance activity and started my Entrepreneurial Path.

Started to trade Equities and Currencies in 2005, full time trading since 2011.

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