had some experience with RC Cars, nothing better to do, so let’s get into Flying Drones (why not right?) 🙂

bought myself a few DJI Drones such as the Phantom 3, Mavic, Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, and a Mavic Mini over the years.
(i still have the Mavic Pro and the Mavic Mini)

the Mavic Pro is still doing what it is supposed to do (areal Photography), while the Mini was a flash Purchase in order to get a License (you are somewhat required to purchase a drone locally in order to cut the hoops to jump through down dramatically) so the Mini is pretty much useless (my Wife does use it some times to make some Selfies (making the drone to live up it’s potential)

got me the RC Googles for the Mavic Pro later on which was the first dip into FPV.

with the Faith sealed, it’s time to dive in deep.

The Fleet

Click on the pictures below for more details
Diatone Roma F5 iFlight Protek 35 HD iFLight DC2 HD DJI Mavic Mini (V1) DJI Mavic Pro

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