“Push to talk” Hardware edition

i’m running a 3 Computer setups (well it’s 5 but only 3 are involved in anything “audio”

the Streaming Computer (old HP Office Workstation) runs

  • OBS
  • 15 Button Streamdeck
  • Front Camera
  • Desk Camera
  • rtsp to the IP Room Camera
  • Winamp for the background music
  • GoXLR Mixer so i don’t have to trust to much into Windows 10
  • Audio from the second computer is via GoXLR Hardware Line in
  • Voicemeeter Potato Mixer Software
  • Voicemeeter Macros (for ducking and other audio automation)
  • and some other shit.

i hate Headphones, so i use a Soundbar hidden below my iMac, that’s connected to the Streaming computer,
it serves as “monitor Speakers, Voice out for Discord and a few other things, mainly monitoring)

with VoiceMeeter Macro i just have a few commands that mute the Speakers unmute the microphone for Discord and Stream,
and make some EQ adjustments to lessen the intensity and volume of the music playing.

all great, the “problem” is that my iMac is connected to large 200 Watt old school speakers in the room via an external Amplifier, so they need to be muted as well.

after fiddling for months I got the brainfart to just do it “the hard way” got myself a USB-Relay from Shopee.
it came with a set of libs and a test app quickly re-created a command-line app that can control the relay,
and added this to the Voicemeeter macro action for mute,
result, once i press the button, the room is 100% silent! 🙂 such an easy fix.

(please don’t bitch about my dirty Keyboard 😉 )

okay, now where to put it, since the relais are REALLY LOUD, and you can actually hear them in the picrophone.
oh wait, I have a 3D printer (again, haha) lets print a transparent case, so i can see the LED making it a “on Air”-type of device as well.

that got slowed down a bit as the transparent PLA filament was kinda “hard” (too much moisture), but nothing the Oven couldn’t fix 🙂

2 hours later, the Job done works like a charm.

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