x56 Detent mod (50% Throttle)

Flying a Ship in Elite:Dangerous with VR & Hotas (Logitec X56) creates the “problem”
that you almost never exactly at 50% throttle, which is a good thing as you are just operating the craft far more “analog”
but sometimes its better just to be at 50% and that’s that.

So i printed a complicated looking detent mod i found on thingiverse, which does work surprisingly well.

the print isn’t the greatest, as i was just prototyping, not cleaned the material either, but i think i’ll just leave it at that and use it.
i do consider re-print the base in ABS while keeping the “spring” in PLA.

Settings used:

  • Material PLA+
  • 0.14mm Layer Height
  • 20% Hexagon Infill
  • 1mm Brim

Total Print time was about 6 hours for all the parts at once,
wich isn’t really needed as there are 3 variations provided, printing only the parts needed takes a little bit more than 2 Hours.


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