Space-Trucking upgrades

i purchased the ASP Explorer to be some sort of a Multi-function ship, ended up in doing some cargo runs .. (you know the Space-Trucker thing) but quickly realized this isn’t getting me far, so I spent half of the free money to purchase a Type-7 (as the Type-6 I already have was a complete waste of money, I didn’t even bother to upgrade it)

the Type-7 quickly paid for itself, with some Gold/Silver runs (just between 2 Stations/Carriers for 1 Jump or even in the same system)

Still, this is going very slowly after having about 70m Cash Balance, I purchased the Type-9 and turned the Type-7 in for it.
And made some barebone upgrades to make it fly faster than the doorsteps. This thing does fly like it’s running on cheese with the F class Trusters.

An urgent upgrade is required!


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