True Home Automation

True Automation

everyone can control a lamp with an iPhone! but that is not even close to what this is about.

“Automation” stands for something more “smart”.
the Goal is to detect and react on multiple scenarios,
with as little Human interaction as possible!
to ensure most safety, security and smoothness.

such goal requires not only hard and Software, it also requires a Smart mind to put the right actions in the right place.

All of this does not have to cost a Fortune.
can be established with very little effort and cost!

a small list below on what is used here does illustrate this fact
– most of the items are not really required (optional)
– volume does very much depend on individual needs
– no fixed price. (doable on any budget)
– no montly costs (your own hardware provides all VAS)


What is this about ?

This is ‘just’ a living Example of a “Automated Home”
all data shown are Realtime-informations to present the potential.
** Works only if the Internet connection to the house is established

What does that mean ?

in Short therms, it’s what i Professionally do in the Industry,
by generating better workflows and Interconnecting solutions & Systems. this is basically the same but a lot smaller
and Affordable/doable for anyone interested in:
– reduce Energy consumption
– eliminate Risk and Damage of Hardware/Appliances
– being lazy 😉
– Safety & Security
– Control over your Home if not arround.
– interconnecting different Systems for maximum smoothness
– Truly Automate things to make life easier.

what does it do ?

Save Energy

Climate, Light, Power, Security

all Hardware is re-used for a multiple set of purposes, due its security, reliability and way its programmed. all hardware can serve multiple purposes. to save energy, Air-conditioners / Heating will be automatically re-adjustedaccording to presence, time and envioment.

persons staying in the house have maximum comfort
at as little cost as possible.un-essential equipment will be automatically turned off, and turned back on if it becomes essential again with no action of the owner.

Stay Secure!

Security: Locks, Gates, Ghosts, Phones

Highest Security, for being away by “simulating human presence” and use sensors to trigger Emergency Services.

automatic Alerts via Push,SMS or Phone calls make sure you know what is going on.
Right NOW! when it’s happening.

Automatically Locking and re-Locking of Doors and Gates,
(no need to turn back and check,

granting Access to Other peoples while away by assigning Pin-codes or simply open locks and Disarm via the Internet, Mobile app, or Telephone
be aware all the time Who is there and what means they used to get in.

also the use of keys are completely obsolete. see Video below

Auto Disarm/Unlock

via Car

the Car has ThaiGPS Realtime Tracking
which sends Key-updates to the Home-Controller.
The Automation can so calculate the distance and/or arrival time,
Turns on lights (if needed), opens the Gates, ajust Cooling/Heating, cook Coffee.

for additional Security, Engine Informations are submit, the Automation ONLY opens the Door-Locks if the Ignition has been turned off closer as 100 Meters from Home.

if Away from home the Alarm Systems are armed automatically, and non-essential appliances will be turned off.


just one Button for all

there are 2 Buttons in the house (look just like very normal Light-Switches), one on the first floor, and the other one near the Door. (both have the same function, they are just 2 for more easy access)
Pressing this button, will trigger the events of Sleep (turn off all non-essential things, and prepare lightning), also will be used if leave the house for Arming the Alarm Systems later, and re-Lock all doors.
if armed, all Sensors used to make things easy will then be used for alarm notifications or even to trigger Emergency services.

Exterior Protection

if away, all exterior power will be shut down (including Water pumps).
if the Washing Machine was turned on before, this event will be delayed until the Washing machine is Done.

Kitchen Management

Auto switching of Kitchen Hoods depending on envioment (cooking or away),
Plugs for Coffee Machine and other standby Equipment automatically turned on/off on its predicted needs.

Bed Light

if the Sleep-Button (same as the Away button) is Pushed

all lights exept of the kitchen lights will be turned off.
Stairs and Bedroom Lights will be dimmed very low, the Bedroom lights will change to a smooth Green Color.
if the TV Turned on, the Color will change to Amber and dim down)
if the TV Turned back off, all lights will be shut down .. assuming going finally to sleep.

Living Room TV Backlight

Ajust Lightning based AppleTV Status [Demo Video]

the AppleTV Running XBMC, it automatically inform the Controller on what is it doing, this informations are used to ajust the Lightning arround the TV (if its dark).

Wakeup Lights

Work Related Wakeup Lights

Depend on the working schedules (set via calendar automatically), the lights in bedroom turn on in a non-agressive Color and Brightness, Kitchen will be prepared, external Waterpump activated, bath and Wardrobe lights also turn on in a non-agressive setting.


Equipment used

VeraLite Smart Controller

Manufacturer: Micasaverde, HK Source: Vesternet

VeraLite is a Very simple
z-wave enabled Network Controller,
for direct communication with z-wave enabled hardware via the local Network and/or the internet.


Wall Control (Android)

Manufacturer: Aigo, TH Source: Alibaba


The agio Pad is a Simple Android based Tablet, the reason i bought it was simply that it was avaiable with a Plastic Shell this i used to mount on the wall, so i can take out the Tablet at any time.
i do not advice to buy this device, since the Touchscreen is very bad designed, however there are plenty of other brands avaiable for als little as 30-50$.

to make this work i designed a small Website with Buttons i want to show.
Installed a Small Fullscreen APP (selfmade) to display the Website. intalled Ulti Server (4$) and Startup Manager (free) to serve the content locally, eliminating the need of anything else to be active (besides the Vera)

Generally this is just “cool thing to have” and not really required in a Automated House.
to serve `some purpose` other than wasting energy, i extended the page it displays to show also environment info, current car location, status on my internet and VPN Connections and so on.

ThaiGPS Vehicle & Asset Tracking
ThaiGPS Tracking

ThaiGPS Vehicle Tracking

Source: ThaiGPS

with ThaiGPS Vehicle Tracking Services, its possible to verify
on highest Security levels the location of my Car,
this allows to trigger “Comming Home” to Prepare the House for leaving and/or arriving of Persons.
such as:
– locking/unlocking Doors
– Security Systems auto Arming
– Lighting Control based on Someone is at home
– Power Management
– Automated Garden Care
– Security Response via ThaiGPS Callcenter


Manufacturer: Apple, US Source: unlimit:mac

end of 2012 i replaced the MacOS with OpenELEC and run now exclusive
the Xbox Media Center (xbmc), this enable it to play HTTV more smoothly and access remote locations on my network for Movies, Episodes & Music.

List of involved Hardware

none of the hardware listed is required,
this entirely depends on personal needs or Budget.


- 1+1 VeraLite smart controller [ EU/US ]
- 1+2 Fibaro Dimmer FGD-211
- 2+1 Fibaro Relay FGS-221
- 2+4 Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch
- 0+1 Aeon Labs Clamp Power Meter
- 1+3 Fibaro Door Sensor FGK102
- 1+0 TKB Wall Switch TZ66S
- 1+0 TKB Wall Switch TZ66D
- 1+1 Mvava Design touch Switch
- 1+1 Easy-Light Blind Relais
- 1+0 Easy-Light Blind Dimmer
- 1+1 LocStar Single Latch Door Lock

2.4Ghz Radio

- 2+0 Mi-Light WiFi-Bridge (v2 and V3)
- 1+0 RGB LED Bulb (Mood/TV Light)
- 1+5 White LED Bulb (2700-5000K ajustable)
- 2+3 White LED Ceiling lights/Down Lights
  (replacing Neon-Lamps) (2700-5000K ajustable
  uses Half the electricity! [see comparision] 


Ethernet / WiFi

- 1+1 Aigo Pad 7" Android 4.0.4 (control panel)
  (not really required but cool) [Picture]
- 0+1 Nest Learning Thermostat
- 0+1 ecobee Termostat
- 0+2 iTach wf2ir
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