Well, after being the gigantic cheapo I am, using a $3 Microphone arm for years, I finally got fed up with it.

after looking around for months to buy something decent,
but here in Thailand, this does pose some problem, as pricing is redicilus for anything that isn;t trash, and warranty or returns non existent.

found a Thronmax S2 by pure accident on Lazada,1 day later it’s on the doorsteps.

But installing turned out to be a bit of a problem, as this arm is made out of solid Aluminium and swings really easy,
so if the arm isn’t 100% level, the Microphone is always gonna swing to the lowest possible point.

Well after fiddling around for 2 Hours, I remember that I have a 3D Printer (haha),
2 minutes in Thinkercad and I got myself a nice triangle that compensates for the 6-degree offset my DIY Monitor stand has.

problem solved!





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