Init FPV ToolBox – Brainstorming

well, it’s more a thing for myself, a way to manage my Lip’s to see how well they are doing, how old they are and the general status of things.

currently, the idea is like this

  • general inventory
  • record charging tasks in form of a check in/checkout
    I may be just do a checkout to make things easier.

in order to avoid logins/logouts and whatnot, I was playing with QR code labels that can just be put on the battery itself. so its easy to just use the phone cam and get directed to the inventory/checkout directly.
I’m still thinking about how this can be done.

once some data is added, I can see the cost/watt usage of a battery age and so on.

one question is, how to handle already existing batteries?

while spending on-and-off 2 days on this I was thinking of maybe making this a public thing. but I’m not so sure this is something the usually hobby-type person would be using.

current progress can be seen here.


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