Automate Health Data

the problem is that most of the time things are consolidated in small containers that have no compatibility with each other.

Apple did a great job in creating such a container that is able to collect data from multiple sources & apps with “apple Health”.
that does create another container, found an app called “Auto Export” that can semi-automate exports of this data.

Here is a view of what i came up with so far in terms of analysing the data

  • I’m not at all a fan of mobile processing, but in this case, the iPhone is the best place to do it.
    as it does connect to other devices like my Blood Pressure Monitor, the scale, and other things.
    so installing Auto Export on the iPhone is the best choice.
  • Auto export seamlessly integrates into Apple Health while apple health does collect the data from other sources.
  • Auto Export does support a scheduled API upload, all I have to do is unlock the phone with the app running in the background and it will take care of the rest,
    making this more or less an unattended thing, as at some point I’ll unlock the phone for other things to do with it anyway.
  • there are some issues with the auto-export feature I need to figure out with the developer of the app.
  • based on the data export created, I wrote a small PHP script that auto-creates MySQL Tables and populates the data.
    will put it on Github later if someone is interested.
    it automatically skips the datasets that are empty so only tables that do have some things in them are being created.
  • Example output auto-generated from Mysql data
  • or just some data bits collected from the server in realtime
  • since there is no unique key, it does convert the date of the measurement taken to unixtime and use that as a unique key, to ensure no duplicates are being added.
    this also has the advantage that I can do faster selects based on timedate filters.
  • it’s not the perfect solution but measurements are not really taken that fast and there is now only one data source.

Here is a view of what i came up with so far in terms of analysing the data


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