AIS & AIS Fibre, Long term Rewards

Generally speaking, most of Reward/points and discount systems around here are mostly a way to get you to trash more money, or to simply buy stuff you do not need.

last night I was proven wrong!

some minor internet issue made me call the call center at 2 am,
they not only solved the problem but also offered me a massive Discount on a faster speed.

i saw there was one “package” standing out, but it was only for onboarding new clients.
so I (with 11 years on the clock of being a Cusomer) are not exactly eligible for it.

40 minutes later, a sales rep called me back and offer me the same package and a 50% discount on top of it.

resulting in

  • 250% more download speed. (200 to 500Mbps)
  • 1000% more upload speed. (50 to 500Mbps)
  • a Free Sim Card with 10GB Internet Volume
  • 71% Discount on the monthly fees

Now that’s what I call a Long term member discount!


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