Budget Spaceline

After making a few people transports with the Explorer, I realized this is something interesting, as the Tourists bring you to places one would never plan on going.

It’s kind of the “where ever the universe blows you” type of thing, which makes exploration quite interesting, and the annoying passengers can sometimes also cause a challenge .. just like IRL, I like it.

Bought a Dolphin for this purpose.

Additionally, it turns out that until now, the Dolphin is by far the smoothest flying Craft I have laid my hands on. It’s like a flying Sofa .. extremely easy to move around (not agile but smooth) and makes you feel like a 747 Pilot

I run it without chields or weapons, doing the true “budget spaceline kind of thing” I can land REALLY Smooth, yet the clamps on the pad already have enough force to cause a “structural damage” announcement (fixing that usually costs like 15Cr)

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