Vaccination Passport Nonsense

German Vaccination Passport from 1975

there seems to be some new way of creating some conspiracies around the vaccination passports.
it’s a clear sign that in today’s day and age, time seems to move faster, or the attention span of people goes seriously down!

Vaccination passports have been around there since 1960 or so.

in fact, a lot of countries did in the past require some vaccinations to be proven prior to entry, so this is NOT A NEW THING.
I don’t really know why peoples are so furious about some things that are around for 80 years now.


same for Pet’s you can’t just bring your pet with you to another country if you can’t prove certain vaccinations have been applied, if you can’t the animal will be put in quarantine upon arrivial.

P.S. It was almost impossible here in Thailand to get tested in the first place, for Covid-19, but got the first Vaccine on August 19, more about this here.

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