Journey to reduce Hypertension

I’m a Trader so I know numbers matter more than information without substance, so I decided to record values regularly in order to get some information out of it.
I wrote another post before when I start to take this seriously here. [i will update this post regularly with findings and whatnot]

  • Data is manually synced (for now)
  • The first 250 or so records will be just me observing the situation and creating a “baseline”.
  • after tomorrow I will make a “continues test” checking in fixed intervals.
    i just need to figure out how can i remind myself to make sure its actually happening…
  • postponing the “all-day test” for another day (some biz stuff to take care of)
  • turns out, every time the BP spikes, it’s when i hold large hedges on my trading accounts.
  • confirmed, financial exposure seems to be the greatest “driver” of the blood pressure,

    i need to find a solution for that
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