Hypertension is a thing

well, the last few months were quite a stress-related rollercoaster.

adding a minor dental issue to the list, went to the dentist, resulting in him refusing the service as my blood pressure is too high.
Out of the concern that the elevated Blood pressure may have some effects a small clinic can’t deal with.

which is a great reaction from the Professional as they do know the limits they operate in and take appropriate action.
5 Stars from me to 32 Dental Clinic! very good service indeed, they took care at the best of their abilities, helped me along the time, and didn’t even charge for the service given.

nevertheless, i went to another Dentist for a “second opinion” but it resulted in the same outcome, I should note that the other Dentist “Dr. Mod” was even more helpful on this matter, they did regular checks to make sure this is not a spur of the moment, and gave me very professional advice on how to move forward. also, the clinic itself is very friendly in general, everyone seems to know everyone, the doctor is very professional and knows well what they talking about.a  very refreshing experience!

funny thing, when i looked up the location to link here, i saw a number of reviews on google business where people complained about them having a very relaxed environment with a lot of talking and friendly interactions.
– what’s wrong with people? that is what makes the whole experience so much better and releases tension! (people just complaining about everything these days.. I guess)

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. I was 3 years ago in the Hospital (outpatient) to get arteries checked, back then the doctor didn’t find anything and saw no need to put any supporting materials inside the ateries, however he mentioned that i do have a deficiency which does have the effect of high blood pressure.

this can be solved by Medication and/or  drastic lifestyle changes, which i did neither of (of course) 🙂
i did look for equipment that can measure blood pressure levels properly and settled for the Omron HEM-7600T (it’s also called BP7000 on the US Markets) but apparently it’s essentially the same device.

i put it into my Lazada Shopping cart, but i never checked out (because I’m cheap haha)

well after the dentist drama, I decided to purchase it after all to show me this:

I guess it’s time to take this more seriously…

I’m starting to reduce this and journaling the progress here

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