AstraZeneca here i come

well, after getting refused by countless organizations, Hospitals, and other institutions for a simple test (unless i pay for it about 100USD)

I finally managed to get the AstraZeneca vaccine today at a temporary vaccination center set up in Ramkamhaeng Stadium by Samitivej hospital.

the process was pretty streamlined

  1. appointment
  2. registration
  3. a quick check on blood pressure and other standard stuff like temperature, weight.
  4. second identification
  5. get the shoot
  6. to wait for 30 minutes before can leave.

they made me sign twice for consent about the vaccination itself, which is sort of odd, but yes following the News popping up rather regularly and my own experience on the testing, it appears the Hospitals do have some sort of liability, and they making sure they waive that off to the patient.

the testing before generally failed because if you were positive, they would have the legal obligation to take care of you, i guess that explains more the low infection numbers in 2020.

here is some list provided in Thailand about the vaccines, they all look pretty bad I guess.
the best money-making scheme by pharma-industry in history .. isn’t it 😉



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