Mario Hennenberger
IT Developer & Industry Solution Consultant

Phatthana Chonnabot 4
Lat Krabang, BKK, 10520
The only problem with troubleshooting is
that sometimes trouble shoots back.

effective Backfire by Mario Hennenberger.


the general goal is to deliver fast and painless Support Solutions, in Industry and IT Fields.
by finding Realtime-Solutions for current issues to prevent future damage, analyse and deliver solutions for long term prevention.

Industry Related: experienced in `Field-Operations` such and Machine services, Realtime Solution development, Performancing solutions (more Productivity at the same or less cost) and Damage Control.

IT Related: greatly experienced in Large Scale IT Applications, where unknown issues and load related trouble is to expect.
also great knowledge of Social developments and impact of elements on user behaviours.
Cloud Services, Content Delivery Networks, Multiple Server Setup, redundancy and Damage control

Operating Systems with Great Background Knowledge: Apple OS9 and OS10(X), Linux
(of course Microsoft's Operating System range is also well known)

Programming Languages: mainly php, luup (lua), cnc, sps, saps, logo


Working Experience

CCM Systems Co., Ltd.

2008 - Present

IT Direction & LBS Supervision

core development of Location Based Services Dept.
under the Brand names `ThaiGPS` and `BenyaMAP`
which is now serving serval thousand devices for a broad range of clients.
such as Car Rentals, Government, Private Vehicles, Motorcycles, Animals, Busses, Boats, Planes, ...

  • Hardware R&D (quality and functionality assurance)
  • Integration of newly developed Hardware (driver design and development)
  • BackOffice Management Systems for quick Customer Care and satisfaction
  • Physical Installations of Alpha & Beta Hardware
  • Large Client setup Supervision
  • Server and Database Maintenance
  • backup and fallback Solutions
  • GSM based Network applications
  • SMS Delivery Services for Customer Notifications and Device Management
  • multi-Server Applications
  • Autodesk Mapguide integration
  • Plugin development for GpsGate NMEA Services
BPT Media Inc.

2011 - Present

IT Development

Complete revamp of a large Social Network, with all connected systems and services.
efforts did accomplish a increase of traffic by over 200% to ~1.2Million visits every day.

  • technical redesign of background processing systems
  • seamless email and ftp integration (media management for users)
  • POS (Point of Sales) in a complete one click solution for users and customers to work with
  • Large Scale Database Management (MySql)
  • Location Based Services (user tracking, distance based Searches)
  • Content Delivery System, via serval servers placed close to continents with large traffic amounts
  • Large Scale Email Delivery,
    including anti-spam solutions and managing public delivery networks such as msn, google, yahoo
    Email API solutions for system & networkwide usage
  • SMS Delivery plattform for large scale Messaging
    notifications, pay per message servies, authentication & Verifications.
  • Mobile integration API (connection plattform for mobile and 3rd party applications)
Global Telelinks GmbH

2007 - 2008

IT & Business Development

Complete Construction, development and Initial Setup
for a 72 Staff CallCenter Operation based in Thailand, to support Thai-Language Customers
of `GlobalTelelinks Inc.` in United Kingdom and the United States of America.

  • physical Location Setup, Infrastructure, Connectivity, PABX Systems, Backup Systems
  • development Callcenter Management Software
  • development of Call Manager for Agents
  • Startup assistance in day-by-day operations
EQS Co., Ltd.

2005 - 2008

IT Development & Business Support

Multiple Web based Operations, day-by-day IT issues, second level Customer Support, development of Map based Guide System for Bangkok Downtown `ssBKK`,
development of the Real Estate Guide System first running under `Serena Property`
and successfully ported later to `kkBKK` a subsidiary of `Prado Property Co., Ltd.`


2001 - 2004

IT Development & Business Support

Complete new development of the new business sector "IT" for the Company.
including hosting, dns, email and e-commerce for existing Customers.
on-site and off-site Hosting/Service Solutions.
BUEROware Support for B2B and B2C Systems.
first and second level Customer Support.

NC-Systems GmbH

1997 - 2004


new established Communication company
focusing on direct and one-stop Internet Services for Business Customers.

  • Leased Line Services
  • Internet-Shop Equipment.
    with Nationwide Franchise alike setup `Plug in and go`.
  • Casino Hard & Software
  • Infrastructure Management
  • on-site Internet Services
  • Terminal Services
  • Domain and mass hosting Services
  • Telephony integrations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Real Estate Solution Developing
  • Location Based Monitoring and Security Control
  • Workflow Systems



SRH Gruppe

Heidelberg, Germany
1993 - 1997

Communications and Electronics Engineer

after facing some Health Issues, i added my Hobbies to a Educational experience.
Study "Kommunikations Elektroniker" in the SRH Group owned "Berufsbildungswerk Neckargemuend".
also had some chance to gain extra knowledge of Industry Communications and Machine engineering.

Autohaus Kobia

Sinsheim, Germany
1991 - 1993

Automotive Technican

with Automotive electrics and Servicing.
additional Certification in most types of Welding and Soldering from `Friedrich-Hecker-Schule Sinsheim`


Additional Personal Information

  • Gender Male
  • Date of Birth 9. November 1973 (2516)
  • Place of Birth Heidelberg, Germany
  • Citizenship German
  • Current Location Bangkok, Thailand
  • Travel Willing to travel Aboard for any period of time
  • Visa Status Non-Immigrant (B) Visa for the Kingdom of Thailand
  • Mobility have Own Car
        valid Driving License for Personal Vehicles from the Kingdom of Thailand
        Driving Experience ~2Million Kilometers on Personal Vehicles and Trucks up to 28 Tons.
  • Typewriting Code 37wpm, plain Text 56wpm

  • Family Married, 1 Child

what i can not do

  • Design white paper stays white, but iam VERY creative in making something existing better than ever.
  • Down it's hard to keep mentality up, if the project is going downhill

  • anything else just waiting to be discovered and made even better, the sky is the limit!


Mario Hennenberger
Bangkok, 10520