Testing Deriv p2p Transfers

on the deriv platform they have a system that allows traders to exchange money (essentially moving funds from one to another account)

which is a pretty great idea!
(but I do have some doubts about the legal workings, as this walks a very thin path among the laundry path.)

well the benefit is clear, if you have issues getting transfers to work, other traders can “help you out”
it’s just like trading Forex, you decide the “exchange rate” when making your Bid or Ask, which will in terms define your fee/spread.

place the Ad of you buy or sell and wait for someone to pick it up.
pretty straightforward. so let’s try it.

i placed a Buy Ad, but there was already someone Selling, so i went to that one.

placed my offer, made the transfer, and now it’s waiting time…

20 minutes later, everything is complete, funds made it to my Account.
that’s a neat service!

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