Risk ON / Risk OFF

my Trading performance isn’t that good currently, lot’s of time there are some hickups

  • targets not reached (support/resisstance seem to have its own life
  • liquidity is not constantly at the same level causing erratic movements.
  • War tensions and other nonsense
  • upcoming Rate Hikes Worldwide.

well, the Rate Hikes do have an advantage as this will cause some movement of money on a global scale, and guess what, that’s a good thing as markets will become a lot more liquid.

but in the aftermath of Covid-19 and a War may be around the corner, things are uncertain and we start to see massive movements even intraday.

This adds another level of complexity, so it’s time to adjust, take smaller pieces instead of waiting for the big moves!

since we do trade mostly Forex, a zero-sum market in general, ranges should be all we trade anyway.

here is a screenshot of the current 30-day stats, (back in November this was at 14%! .. let’s see if we do get back up in this territory.

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